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About Us

WHO Is ChukStar?

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Our name and brand represent YOU - The Worker. The Hard Hat Wearer.
...That's Right, When you wear a ChukBand, YOU become the CHUKSTAR.
With leather this comfortable, you'll know why feeling like a Star is Your New Standard.

Homegrown and Authentic

  • Established in 2020, we are a small, family-owned operation that produces quality leather goods.
  • We design, test & manufacture our products in The United States.
  • We source our materials and supplies from specialty vendors throughout the United States.
  • We believe in creating American jobs and supporting the American Worker. 

Born From Need

  • Our product was born from the sweat of our brows. Literally. We've been in the construction industry for over 30 years, and bring the experience of a hard day of labor to the design and engineering process behind each item we manufacture.
  • Our proprietary manufacturing process includes combining materials and designs unseen elsewhere and our research and development efforts include retaining patents and trademarks on our exciting new products.

Our Process

  • Our Signature Line of ChukBand hard hat headgear accessories begin with the finest elk leather that is carefully selected from a rotating stock of colors and textures that ensure a great look and feel from every piece.
  • Our designs are then cut into the leather and hand finished with premium quality YKK fastening hardware and specialty padding. Finally, each unit is inspected for quality before packaging to ensure that our ChukBand products are second to none.

Real. Classic. Live. Customer Service

  • Let us provide you with the personal attention and care that you deserve. We pledge our best when it comes to ensuring your satisfaction is met.
  • Email us, call us, or contact us on social media - we will personally handle your issue in the same workshop where your order was placed, not a call center. That's our promise to you.

Always Improving

  • Our design team is constantly working to keep ChukBand the very best it can be! We test new models of hard hats regularly and would love to hear from you if your model isn't listed. 
Hard hat wearers united by the comfort of leather.
Bring a unique luxury leather upgrade experience to the hard hat of every worker who is unsatisfied with their headgear comfort.
Customer Commitment
We value each and every customer, genuinely wishing to bring betterment to the daily toil of the worker.
We produce outstanding quality leather products and a white glove experience that, as a whole, bring unbeatable value to our customers.
We believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard. Moral, ethical and look-you-in the eye honesty will show in all of our business actions. 
Good Citizenship
We believe in working hand in hand with local communities to foster good will, and believe in enriching the communities with which we interact.
Personal Accountability
We take personal accountability for delivering on our commitments, pledging be a brand you can trust.


ChukStar Leather is a Business Member of The North American Elk Breeders Association.

North American Elk Breeders Association

The NAEBA Mission Statement: 

"With the participation of our members the North American Elk Breeders Association strives to protect, promote, and enhance the North American elk industry."